Forest Brook Neighborhood
Mandeville, Louisiana 

There are two vendors that are able to supply mailboxes for Forest Brook Subdivision. Magnificent Mailboxes and Southern Mailboxes supplies the type of mailboxes that are the standard for Forest Brook. They will repair or replace your mailbox, whichever is needed. You can also purchase the parts that you need and do the work yourself.
Magnificent Mailboxes at 985-641-3145 or email
Southern Mailboxes by phone at 985-845-2693 or email at

Gas Lamps
If the gas lamp post in your yard needs repairs, please contact Creative Lighting at 985-966-8814 or visit their website at

Bypass Road Project

The long proposed Mandeville Bypass roadway between State Highway 1088 and U.S. Highway 190 near Pelican Park is being studied.  The information presented at the July 8, 2015 Public Meeting is herein available.

The consultants hired by St. Tammany Parish are scheduled to select three alignments for the proposed roadway for further analysis.   A total of eight alignments are being considered and the information for these should be available in September 2015.

Two major corridors are being considered, with each having four alternative alignments.  One of the corridors is adjacent to the Forest Brook Subdivision on the swimming pool side.  The proposed roadway would have a 200 ft. right of way and have an additional 75 ft. right of way as a buffer area between the roadway and our Subdivision.  The roadway right of way would include a pedestrian and bicycle path, and drainage facilities.  

The other major corridor is closer to I-12, near the Maple Street area. 

The proposed roadway is scheduled to have a roundabout at Highway 1088 and U.S. 190.  It would probably have a total of two lanes at first and a 45 miles per hour speed limit design. 

It is likely at least one of the three alignments for further analysis will be adjacent to Forest Brook.

No right of way has been acquired for the roadway.  It could be two to five years before all the necessary engineering and permits work is accomplished to begin construction of the roadway.  

We will keep you informed as we receive information on the progress of the design work.

Drainage Issues
If you are experiencing drainage issues with your ditches, please contact St. Tammany Parish to schedule a clean-out of your ditch. The link is:
If you would like to receive updates regarding these issues or any other important neighborhood news, please send a request to be added to the email list to
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